Je suis Victor; je suis le nettoyeur.


Interface Summary

Class Summary
JaspCleaner The main Victor class...
JavaRecognizer Java 1.5/JSR14/JSR201/JSR175 Recognizer.
JCClassLoader For use by JaspCleaner in loading classes that are import ed into the JSP page.
JCServlet Used to enable page includes.
TNode Class TNode is an implementation of the AST interface and adds many useful features: It is double-linked for reverse searching.
TNodeFactory This class extends ASTFactory to build instances of class TNode

Package Description

Je suis Victor; je suis le nettoyeur.

Using static semantic analysis, cleanses the output of NetCoole's J-ASP , to infer and substitute real Java types for variants (speaking of variants...) and other stuff (hey, we've taken the same cop-out approach with VBS2Java...) Notice that this is more of an ad-hoc program, rather than a designed program, so algorithms and heuristics here are tailored to a particular task, and reflect frequently-occurring patterns and situations in the current project this was written for -- porting a C++/ASP application to J2EE.


  1. Compile-time:
    1. jasp.jar  from Netcoole

    2. GnuJSP library (currently v1.0, as gnujsp10.jar) for translating the JSP page into Java code (see also GnuJspParserWrapper).

    3. ANTLR -generated JavaLexer,

      JavaRecognizer and JavaTokenTypes classes (currently, generated with antlr-2.7.5.jar from Java 1.5 grammar -- for parsing Java code resulting from the above; and the antlr-2.7.5.jar itself.

  2. Run-time:
    1. The above plus

    2. The classes needed by the JSP to be converted should be in the run-time classpath. That would include both J-ASP's classes and the classes used by the application to be converted. TODO: create a better mechanism for that.