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com.ph.pr.apps.jaspcleaner Je suis Victor; je suis le nettoyeur.
com.ph.pr.parser Enhancement for the for Java engine for GOLD Parsing System , allowing for easier processing of the results of parsing by providing Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) that can be traversed via Visitor pattern.
com.ph.pr.parser.vbs2java This package includes the VBS2Java converter and code needed during runtime by Java programs that were converted from VBScript.
com.ph.pr.parser.vbs2java.deprecated Deprecated stuff...



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This is a collection of small Java projects that served their purpose, and may yet. They are unsupported, and are left for anyone to use under LGPL. Feel free to incorporate them into your own code. If you want to adopt them or incorporate them into another open-source project, notify me at grisha@alum.mit.edu.

In order to keep it simple, the only things that will be available in this project are:

  1. Entire tree of Eclipse projects in my jSewer workspace via CVS, and
  2. Released files -- for each project, a ZIP containing a JAR of classes, any JARs it depends on, and a JAR of the entire Eclipse workspace, for sources and such.

There will be no documentation aside from this Javadoc.


  1. VBS2Java
  2. Victor

Project details

  1. VBS2Java -- a rudimentary AST generator for GOLD Parser (and its Java engine), and beginnings of a VBS to Java converter (just enough to meet our needs at the time).

    Announced XXX


  2. Victor le Nettoyeur - a complement to J-ASP.

    Gregory Golberg (grisha@alum.mit.edu)

    See also Dbdb